Summer’s End – Time Flies

Sailing in North Wales – unless you keep your boat in a marina – is very seasonal, plus of course the weather!!! 

So after a couple more sails on Eira, and one on the CHA, that was the end of my sailing for 2014… how depressing! 
2015 didn’t prove too eventful either, I had met someone new and due to his ill health I didn’t want to leave him at weekends, so only one sail on Eira while Colwyn Bay’s Prom Xtra was on, a little race in the bay followed by munchies at the mooring…. bliss.
2015 disappears and 2016 appears on the horizon. I am invited to become the secretary for Bay of Colwyn Sailing Club – I couldn’t say no to such an offer!!! After my appointment at the AGM in Feb 2016, the monthly meetings followed by a pint in the pub meant that I didn’t completely lose touch. Oh but I did miss sailing…. 
I just needed to get back to sea!
It’s the beginning of May 2016. I had lost so much confidence in sailing (I had only been out sailing once for half a day in 19 months!). A conversation was had around holidays, I was advised that they should be spent doing something that you really want to do, so once you decide what you want to do, go for it! 
That night I was googling sailing schools, I knew I needed somewhere tidal, having had a look at local schools and locations like Tenerife, Cornwall and the Solent – I realised that as RYA prices were pretty much the same it didn’t really matter where you went. About 5 years ago I lost lots of weight, since then I am sooo nesh! I get so cold easily, I thought that I would like to go somewhere warm, I emailed loads of sailing schools for availability on a Competent Crew course at May half term, a few got back to me from Gibraltar and Lanzarote with options but I chickened out…. just not brave enough to click “book”.
After a quiet and not particularly exciting May half term, often enjoying my view of the sea and watching the boats with sadness – I got back on the web and booked a course in Gibraltar for August (getting brave! Was I mad? Yes probably!!)…
Check out my view!