I’ve bought a boat!!!!!!

Ok, I have intended that that this blog should be my full sailing story in chronological order etc etc – but I’m so excited I have to interrupt it with a – I’ve bought a boat! Yippee!!!! 

Meet Poppet 2, she is a Snapdragon 21, and although probably older than me and currently a bit in need of some love and attention she is sea worthy and she’s mine! Whoop whoop! 
I have bought the boat from some interesting chaps who run a YouTube VLog, there are quite a few videos (some of Poppet), I think they generally want you to believe that they are crackers, but I think there is some sanity in there somewhere! 

The friend who introduced me to sailing came with me to check her over on Saturday and then again helped me move her from her Conwy River mooring to Conwy Marina yesterday (which very randomly is £79 cheaper if you book it for 2 months than it is for one!). I think I will be forever in his debt! I was a bit of a stressed bunny! It didn’t help that the engine kept stopping and wouldn’t go into reverse either! 

Well, like I said she needs a few bits and bobs doing, and no doubt a fortune spending on her but I am trying to be sensible and do as little as is needed to get her out and sailing! The first purchase of the day was a new padlock – like a twit I heard a plop and saw bubbles rising in the water – after going through everything in my bag and pockets I eventually realised the only thing that could have gone overboard was the padlock and it was nowhere to be seen! At least it wasn’t my phone or car keys! Or me! 

So she needs a very good clean, not only for aesthetic purposes but having looked in the well that the engine is sat in – it is apparent that she has a very crusty bottom! Even the outboard engine has a meal growing on it!! Cockles and mussels alive alive oh! 

So tomorrow will be spent investigating, sorting and cleaning… Things like, there are flares on board that were out of date in 1999! Really? It’s always a great idea to carry around explosives that are so out of date they might be unstable in a small vessel on the water. I have inherited washing up, mouldy teaspoons and Tupperware. But then there are bags of lovely tan sails so I am not complaining I just want to get her ship shape… 

So no doubt more photos and blog entries will appear featuring the new female in my life interrupting the perfect order of things… but even with my slight OCD I think I’ll just about cope. 

It really was a lovely day in Conwy yesterday!