St Kilda, will we or won’t we?

Well it is Thursday 25th May… on the 23rd May I had the pleasure of joining five chaps on North Star of on a trip of a lifetime. The plan is to sail to St Kilda, lying miles off the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

After catching the ‘train to Troon’ we were kindly delivered to Troon Marina where we boarded our home for nearly two weeks… We hadn’t been there long when the skipper was under water in the marina and being weighed down by an anchor! No it wasn’t mutiny! It was an ‘oops I think something fell in the marina’ moment! The batons for the sail had been kicked in accidentally… so dressed in a dry suit full of air and trying to dive down, the anchor was requested! What a way to start the trip! 
So, batons recovered, after meeting the crew, fuelling up and a hearty meal in Scotts we had an early night and set alarms ready to set off at 4am – who would know what the weather would bring… 
We slipped lines at 4am – with everyone dressed in their waterproofs and ready for the long day ahead… The six of us divided into three “watch’s” – “Pocket”, “Fob” and “Digital” – any guesses as to which one I am in!? 
After leaving harbour and setting the main (in vain!) we settled into our 2 hour watch’s… 
It felt a very long night – but humour and singing abounds aboard North Star!