Well I have already mentioned Eira, she is a Super Seal 26. Sailing with the owners of Eira has been an absolute pleasure, and one much repeated… 

Here is a photo from the 6th July 2014 when we sailed around the Orme back from Conwy. (This was the day after my traumatic experience on Traumatic!). 
Cruising on Eira is like being part of a family, often joined by one of their grandchildren. (Another generation being brought up on the water, what a brilliant education….) always well fed and watered. My bestest ever breakfast butty was on Eira!
16th July we sailed to the Menai Straits and anchored off shore from the gazelle pub, this was one of the occasions when turning up first was a drawback, we walked up the very muddy beach – one of us got our welly stuck in the mud and ended up rather filthy (but my friends, being always prepared, got the baby wipes out – they were needed a couple of times that evening!!). We then lit the barbecues and waited for our sailing club friends to arrive. One of the boats didn’t quite make it in time that evening and had one of those moments aground when you get the deck brush out to clean the sides and pretend it was on purpose!! Bless.